08 5 / 2012

Maintaining a friendship outside of text messaging is really becoming a lost art. No one calls just to check up on someone anymore. I have a friend in mind as I’m writing this that I would love to call. However, something seems to be getting in the way of that. He and I don’t talk on the phone often. Okay so we don’t talk on the phone ever, unless there’s some pressing issue unfolding (which has happened once over the course of our friendship). This friend does not really use facebook, nor does he use text messaging. The only way to interact with him are the precious few moments I may or may not get with him in person during the week. Due to scheduling changes in the summer, that will be reduced even more. My frustration is that I don’t know how to call him just to say “so how’s it going?”. I almost feel it’s rude to call without a good reason. And even then, he might not be a “phone talker” as some people around here call it.

I’ll probably have to sit down and actually brainstorm excuses just to call and check up on him… Maybe that means our friendship is even worse off than I thought if I can’t just be honest and say “I want to call you” but he and I tend to have a friendship that is on the complicated side. It’s always complicated when I can’t get a good read on a person. I find myself working harder to please him and keep the friendship afloat than I would normally, simply because I couldn’t tell what was going on in his head if I had a crystal ball and a deck of cards. Okay, that was a stupid analogy. Just thinking of our friendship gets my mind all turned around, and I don’t completely understand why. All I know is that after two paragraphs, I still can’t bring myself to call. He’s a pretty softspoken person anyway, so what would we even find to talk about? “Well the weather turned out pretty nice today” doesn’t count.

Oh well. I feel a little better after writing. Maybe I’ll talk to him about it next time I see him. Or maybe I’ll play it safe and keep things the way they are. That’s probably more plausible.