13 6 / 2013

Chase me, my love
Through the hills
And the trees

Show me your love
Filled with desire
And great passion

Remind me, my love
I’m not alone
You aren’t either

13 6 / 2013

In the pursuit of love
I’ve fallen too far
To continuously find nothing
And to cover my heart with scars

For my love will not pursue me
Not once will he appear
But he will remain far away
Loneliness fills my heart with fear

And when the others say to me,
“Be patient! I’m sure he’ll come around”
My heart falls to the abyss
My chest fills with a breaking sound

Oh yes, ever more it is broken
And shattered once again
But my God is my healer
In Him I always have a friend

Healer of the most wounded
And hero of the forsaken
In Him I am fully assured
My patch-work heart can make it

04 6 / 2013

Poor judgements and broken hearts
Friendships slowly dying
And feelings torn apart

Can we even come back from this?
Our hearts separated
They’ve gone a far distance

Tangled in a mess of my making
Filled with pure confusion
Why is it so complicated?

30 5 / 2013

Tight, passionate, full of longing
Desperate, it was a long time coming
Two not-quite-lovers
Solidifying love
Rectifying wrongs
For who knows how long

21 3 / 2013

I’m not strong enough to stand
I’m not even strong enough to pray
So Holy Spirit I beg of you
Please find my words today

Be the healer of my soul
The physician of my heart
I’m not very self aware
I don’t even know where to start

I only know something is wrong
My spirit is bogged down
Please come carry me home
In you the lost can be found

I’m not strong enough to stand
I’m not even strong enough to pray
So Holy Spirit I beg of you
Please find my words today

17 1 / 2013

Long periods pass

Letters get lost in transit

We grew up

And apart

And so very twisted

My heart was yours

You mailed it back


With a card

And some tape with which to fix it

20 11 / 2012

"I love you" took a new meaning
Under a tree with falling leaves
They were wrapped in an embrace
Anticipating separation
In hopes of a achieving oneness

02 10 / 2012

When you stumble as you walk

Just keep moving

The momentum will carry you forward

11 9 / 2012

Born of mischief and of charm

I seek the unsuspecting

Fluttering around his head

He isn’t aware of what’s to come

Gently whispering in his ear

He becomes addicted to

The sweetness of my words

My voice is inescapable

Turning his head and tugging heartstrings

I have power now

Control he’s unaware of

And doesn’t want to resist

Magic is the final step

Kissing his lips seals his fate

The spell is complete

And I have what’s mine

01 9 / 2012

Wonderful stranger, what are you doing here?
You’re running through my head again.
Are you sleeping, or up thinking?
Do you even remember who I am?

We’ve spoken previously, but never for long.
I can’t shake the impression you’ve left on me
A few words and some posts online
I don’t know why you’re so interesting

My stranger, please come speak to me
I’m always here, at your beckon call
I’ll pretend we were old friends
All you have to do is say hello