09 9 / 2012

Okay, so my wonderful, adorableĀ dorks and I went bowling again tonight. The same guy that got a gutter ball with the bumpers up last time killed us every time. He got at least four strikes in all of the three games and broke 100 in one of them. (You have to understand that none of us are very good, so this is a big accomplishment). JJ got a Full Throttle and made the mistake of giving me half. I’m 5’3” at the most and rather petite, so I can’t handle much caffeine. Or we think it’s because my small stature concentrates it. It’s having a delayed effect on me now, so my chest hurts and I’m trying really hard to sit still. Part of that might be the music I’m listening to but still. Want to see me run around the block? Want to see me do it again? I’m shaking… No one let me have energy drinks ever again. Kay thanks.

02 9 / 2012

Word games like a boss

  • 1: It's more like the Overmind than anything I've heard so far.